Retail Reformation: Technology and Shopping in 2018

Technology is completely changing the way consumers shop, as well as the way stores market their products. There are so many ways in which technology is transforming the retail industry and making it easier for companies to effectively reach their target audiences. The power of smartphones and online shopping has forced retailers of all sizes to innovate and use new sales methods to keep up. Here are just some of the technologies that are changing retail in 2018.

Behavior Monitoring

We now have extensive data tracking available for retail websites, allowing companies to see who is buying their products, how they’re interacting with the store online, and what they’re drawn to. This allows companies to develop websites that appeal to real consumer behavior, and they can existing data metrics to define their target audience and better market to them. This behavior monitoring even allows retailers to personalize the shopping experiences their customers have by suggesting products to them based on the products they’ve already viewed or purchased.

Digital Payment

Instead of paying with cash or credit card, you can now pay at many retailers with programs on your phone like Apple Pay, which allow you to connect your debit and credit cards to your phone and then pay just by tapping your device on the POS machine. This makes the payment process quicker and easier for both the customer and the retailer.

Shopping Apps

Customers can also shop now using their phones, which means that they have access to a steady stream of products at their fingertips throughout the day, while they’re on the go. Many major retailers have created their own apps to make the shopping process easier and faster for their customers. Shoppers can now purchase a product with a few quick finger taps, as opposed to having to go into a store or go a computer and go through a long process to make a purchase.

These are just a few of the ways that technology is changing the way we shop in 2018. Mobile devices and web technology put new products at our fingertips, and companies now have easy and effective ways to reach their target markets online. Over the next few years, we’re likely to see an even greater expansion of the way that companies use technology to sell and promote their products.

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